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The Mental Health Matters Giveaway

*This giveaway has closed but we still welcome community members to share their migraine mantras.*
We are celebrating Migraine and Headache Awareness Month with the theme "Mental Health Matters" and an extra-special giveaway. One lucky winner will be selected to receive a self-care bundle. This self-care bundle includes year-long access to nearly 7 hours of Yoga for Migraine and a one-of-a-kind migraine journal.

Yoga for Migraine was developed by patient leader Adriane Dellorco, a yoga teacher living with migraine, specifically for people with migraine. Yoga for Migraine is a physically accessible practice that promotes deep relaxation and releasing tension from the neck and upper back. Yoga for Migraine is free of common migraine triggers, such as inversions and fast movements.

To enter the giveaway, answer the following question below: What is your migraine mantra?

The giveaway ends on June 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET. The winner will be notified via email. Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before an alternate winner will be selected. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. Good luck!

  1. “keep breathing and go easy on yourself..”

    1. I love this mantra. I am guilty of taking on too much and blaming myself when I can’t follow through. How are you feeling today? Shayla (, Team Member)

  2. Close my eyes, relax my face and breathe. Focus on the good days.

    1. deep breathing while holding my temples

      1. A migraine is not an excuse to neglect self care. If you can’t walk, eat, cook or bathe get help.

        1. love this. It is perfectly fine to put your health and needs first. Hugs, Shayla (, Team Member)

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