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Microcirculation therapy for migraine

Hi guys! I'm a fellow sufferer of constant migraine. It's getting worse and I experience it daily. Was wondering if you guys have tried microcirculation therapy? I stumbled upon research articles about this therapy and it's quite impressive. Let me know what your ideas are on this. If you haven't heard of this yet, check it out and also about deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. Thanks much!

  1. HI angietongie,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I've not heard either of these being used for migraine disease, have you tried them?

    After doing a TINY bit of research, I'm not sure how either would work with migraine disease.

    I did however, find this post about deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator;

    Let me know if you try either of them!

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you for your interest. That's exactly what I read on the articles, they talk about deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator doing wonders. My friend is using it whenever she experiences super painful episode of headache. She tried the 30-day free trial and said it quite worked although not instantly in just a day but it did wonders for her. Said she's now sleeping soundly and doesn't get headaches that much. Now she's now on her 2nd month of using her own device after the trial. She recommended this to me and I'm very interested since it's non-invasive and painless: it's a transdermal solution. I might purchase the trial tomorrow hoping it would work for me as well. Hope you're doing great

      1. Hey Angietongie,

        I did the same research lol what i've read is migraine could be attributed to microcirculatory issues whereby there is vasoconstriction and sympathetic hyperactivity which then compromises blood flow to the brain. With that, it makes sense that if we do measures to improve our microcirculation, our migraine debacle would somehow be fixed. Believe me, I've tried everything!!!!! So when I stumbled upon this new therapy, I was somehow hoping it would reduce my "attacks". So I tried it, it's quite easy to use (the one I'm using uses like a vaporized CO2 and then transmitted through the skin or transdermally). I noticed a reduced occurence of my migraine! It wasn't automatic, it was gradual but like on the 6th week or so, I had minimal migraine attacks already. I swear by it!

        1. Would that be very possible? I have a migraine for 5 yrs. I have my regular check-ups twice a month and taking medications. I have to take 3 pills a day and should never miss taking it even once. It's totally freaking me out especially when I'm at work. My medicines are expensive but I guess it's only a temporary, I've been taking those pills for almost 4 years but it seems like I'm just being fooled. I'm even not healed, my migraine was still present but because of my meds, it doesn't react for the meantime. Honestly, I can't sleep at peace due to a migraine. I'm desperate to end this kind of suffering. You said that this would treat a migraine somehow. Please tell me how it works and is it guaranteed? Tnx!

          1. Hello HappyThoughts,

            I don't think taking multiple pills for migraine or any other health issues would do you good. First of all, taking pills would mean more liver work. It's just gonaa cause liver toxicity. I only know of its general mechanism of action which I already stated in my previous comment lol but what I do know is it's at the capillary level where the exchange of oxygen and nutrients occur. And when we have a circulatory problem, say our heart couldn't pump enough blood, or our veins are too constricted, or something's blocking our blood vessels, of course it follows that oxygen-rich blood won't reach our capillaries, arterioles, and other systems that belong to our microcirculation. Imagine what that could do to our bodies. I do hope you get to try this therapy. It really worked for me and I am a tad curious if it works with others as well.

            Always have happy thoughts, HappyThoughts! 😀

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