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Migraine free for almost a year now!!! Hope this helps!

I am 39 and have suffered from terrible migraines since I was 19. The pain is very similar to a bad sinus infection but only on one side usually right up over my eye and over my eyebrow (the attack can be either the left or right side). I would get them about 3-4 times a month. I wont get into detail regarding the horrific pain since I'm sure you have been there and we all know the pain makes you feel like the end is near (and I don't mean the end of the pain).
I've tried every migraine medication under the sun and have pretty much been addicted to advil and aleive for years. The advil and aleive has wreaked havoc on my stomach so I decided to try another neurologist, again.
After trying about 7 different med's we have finally found something that has worked for me. I've been taking indomethacin 25mg twice a day (morning and night) and I have been migraine free for almost a year. It's been a life changer to say the least. My nuero probably wont want me to stay on it since it's supposed to be hard on the stomach and can cause stomach bleeding, etc. (you have to do your research) but I have had absolutely no side affects from it (the advil and aleive had more side affects) and you are supposed to take an antacid with the indomethacin to protect the stomach. Only side affect I notice is a small amount of sleepiness before bed (which I like). I hope I'm not jinxing myself writing this! And I have never posted anything online (accept a mommy blog years ago 😀 but I think it's time to give back and if I can help someone get the same results I have gotten then that would be wonderful! Happy thanksgiving! Hope everyone gets relief!

  1. Hi JRMovieStar,

    That's great!! I'm so happy to hear you've found some relief.

    Indomethacin can be used as sort of a diagnostic tool and treatment for hemicrania continua. People with hemicrania continua can get complete relief with this medication. Here are a few links on this type of headache disorder; and This information is from the American Headache Society; .

    Keep us posted on your journey!

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