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Migraines and Driving?

Has anyone found that even when they aren't having a migraine they cannot drive? Like maybe their reaction times are slower or they get confused? I really would like to hear from others.

  1. Hi danabis1979,

    If I'm in a premonitory or postdrome phase, I do find driving a bit more challenging.

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experience with you.


    1. I had to stop driving a year and a half ago because the light sensitivity was so bad I couldn't operate my car safely. Still hoping maybe one day drugs will get better and they can fix me. Miss me and my car on theopen road!

      1. GardensatNight...thank you for responding. I feel like no one responds to my posts

        1. Not sure what happened, but most of my post got cut off. I stopped driving because of cognitive issues. I was getting lost and confused and the final straw was turning in to on coming traffic with my daughter in the car. Even still you feel like you've lost your freedom. And the worst part is I'm not getting better. Having a bad day, so I'm finding it hard to put the positive spin on things, but thank you for responding.

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