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My heartfelt sympathy to those with constant migraines

I just stumbled upon this site this morning when I got back from the ER with a 3 day migraine. I was googling Dhe protocol because they asked me if I ever needed it and I said no that the toridol maxaran bene cocktail usually works. I was curious about this dhe so looked it up. Stumbled across this site and read some of the stories. I get a couple migraines a month usually for two to three days but can usually kick them myself with advil maxaran and my triptan med. I am just floored by how many people struggle with migraines for weeks months or years at a time. I had no idea and I was close to tears reading some of your stories. I am blown away by your strength as I don't know how long I could handle it, knowing first hand how bad it feels, before giving up. Please know that any one of you that lives with this pain every day are an inspiration and I am so so sorry for your suffering. I hope you find relief.

  1. jenmctaggart,
    We are so glad you found us!
    Thank you for your kind words. I am sure the community will appreciate that.
    Whether you have 1 migraine attack a year or an attack everyday, our community welcomes everyone and we hope that we can provide support and information to help deal with migraine.
    Jillian ( Team)

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