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No Relief

I have daily migraines, take meds every day. I tried Amovig 70 mg in October but haven't had even one day without a migraine. Does that mean it won't work for me or does it take a while to help? I expected good results but I'm not sure if it works right away for people. I'm not sure if I should try it another month, especially if it's not going to work. It actually seemed like my head was worse.

  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out! Don't give up hope! It sure seems like everyone is responding to Aimovig drastically differently. Some are experiencing results after the first dose, while others it is taking a few months/rounds. As you wait for others to possibly chime in to share their experiences, I wanted to share our forum page dedicated to those that have tried Aimovig & that have shared their feedback. - Good luck & do keep us posted in the weeks to come.

    1. I am on Aimovig and I have to take the 140ml a month, on my third month. The first month I went 1 day without a migraine, second month I went 3 days without a migraine and so far this month I have gone 2 day. The days are not together but I will take what I can get. Hang in there.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I will continue this month knowing that your results didn't come right away. That gives me hope, thank you for sharing. 😀

    2. Thank you for answering. I hadn't heard of anyone having no results and then actually seeing improvement so this forum is so helpful. I will keep at it. Thanks. 😀

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