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On going Aura, and I can't take much more.

Hi, I am new to this forum. I am. 38 years old and have suffered with migraine with aura since I was a teenager. Since I have got older I don't actually get them that often.
For 10 days now, I have had an aura in the bottom of my right eye. It comes and goes all day and. all night. Its made worse by the light. Its like a swirling zigzag. It has not affected my vision, I can just see it in the lower part of my eye. With my usual migraines, my visual would be affected. It would usually only last 60 minutes then I would get a very bad headache and nausea.

Has anyone else had this before? I have had. a headache on and off over the 10 days, along with a neck ache. I have taken paracetamol and 60mg of Codeine, which takes the headache away but I am still left with the aura.I am short sighted and wear glasses. I have recently had my eyes checked and all was ok apart from a small scar on my right eye. I am seeing a neurologist on Monday.

I am getting very anxious, I have never had anything like this before. Is there anyone out there that has had similar symptoms? It may help calm my anxiety if I could hear other peoples experiences.



  1. Is there no one out there with anything similar?

    1. Thank you! Unfortuantely, I already was in patient at Mayo Clinic and unless I am willing to go on powerful medication that has other horrible sideffects, I will be managing my migrane with vitamines, acupuncture, yoga and keto.

    2. Please try trileptal

  2. Hi Salz,

    Welcome to the discussion forum and thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm sorry for the delayed response.

    I typically don't get visual aura, so I can't really help you out there. Good to hear you went to the eye doctor to have things checked out, that's a great first step. I'll be interested to hear with that neurologist says.

    I'm sure others will be along soon to share their story with you.

    Will you keep me posted?
    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. First of all - I love the "wishing you a low pain day" because isn't it fact that we can all say that if we have a "Low pain day" it was a good day? And on the flip side how sad that really is? I'll take a "headache" day any day anymore. Because the alternative... is so much worse.

      I just recently joined this site myself. And although I don't suffer the visual aura's, I can totally relate to the shades drawn at work, sunglasses on, lights dimmed. It's to the point that my boss has installed darker shades on my windows for me. We have set up a "temporary" desk area in our storage room where there are no windows in case I need total darkness at work. All I have to to do is say "I'm leaving" and they are wishing me good luck and hope to see me tomorrow. There are days when I'm down in bed for 3 days at a time with alternating ice packs, night masks, fan on to mask any noise I might be able to hear over the ear plugs I've taken to wearing, kids sneaking in to give me kisses good night or ask if I need anything. The "joys" of a migraine sufferer - no joy at all. I feel your pain jenintheaz. And Sally - those long lasting for days migraines are so draining! I hope you find some relief soon.

      1. Hi Lacy-dumbmigraines78,

        Welcome to the discussion forum - we're glad you're here!

        You're right - wishing you a low pain day is both good, and on the other hand sad. I hadn't thought of it in those terms.

        It sounds like you have a wonderful employer who is supportive and understanding, you're very lucky!!

        I hope to hear more from you,

    2. Hello, I do get auras, so I thought I should say something. But (thank all-that-is-holy!), I only get them before a migraine. I know how much having an aura (in your vision) can mess with you, and I really am genuinely sorry that you are having to deal with that for an extended period of time! I would definitely see an eye doctor - there must be a reason this is happening.

      1. Hi Vivmac00,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. As I mentioned above I don't get visual aura with my migraine attacks, but do get sensory aura.

        Even though a migraine attack can have visual disturbances, it is a good idea to see an eye doctor to make sure everything checks out.

        Wishing you a low pain day,

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