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Preventing medication overuse headache

Migraine & headache fam:
How do you keep track of when you can take migraine meds or other pain meds so that you don't go over the recommended intake limit of 10 days out of every month/30 days?

Do you count 30 days from whatever day you want to take meds to make sure you're not over the limit?
Or do you go by the month, making sure you keep your intake to 10 days out of that particular month?
Some other method?

  1. , the suggestion is not to take it more than 2-3 days a week- so I track how many times I take it in a week on my calendar. If you were to take it for 10 days straight in a month and you are sensitive to medication overuse/rebound headaches, I would think you could get yourself in trouble. I wanted to share one of my favorite articles with you on this subject: I hope this helps! Warmly, Melanie (team member)

    1. , thank you 😊

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