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Propranol ER help to prevent migraine?

I don't feel well, what will help?

  1. That is just something in the mix to help you need to be on a preventative med like topamax or amovig that is the newest on out there your neuro can get you a four mont supply for free now to see if it helps you . Try to get a neurogist that is a headache specialist it makes all the difference .

    1. Hi Emaarn04,

      Thank you for your question, Propranolol, brand name Inderal, is a first line, FDA approved medications for migraine prevention. Maybe people use it and have good results with it.

      Here is information on this medication that may be helpful;


      1. I was on propranolol for 2 years or more. Other than fatique and weight gain it had no other effect. My husband, a physician, did some research, I think on a Mayo site, and a meta analysis stated that propranolol had mile positve effects for acute migraine. It showed "no efficacy" for chronic migraine. I stopped it, lost 10 pounds and now find that gabapentin is an effective preventative for me.

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