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Anyone know where I can get a extra Statdose Pen?

Statdose pen broke I now use vials but still have 6 cartridges left with no pen. Anyone know where to get one? Pharmacy said I would require a prescription for the entire kit (pen, carrying care & med). But don’t want to mess up current prescription of vials. Insurance will give 5 vials vs 2 auto injectors a month. This has saved me many trips to ER. Has anybody been successful with manually injecting on your own?

  1. How frustrating! Sorry to hear about the statdose pen breaking on you when you still have vials left. This is definitely a challenge given our complicated dance with insurance. My only suggestion would be to reach out to your doctor? When I went through something similar, my doctor had a couple sample devices from the sales people and he was willing to give me one when I was in a pinch.

    As for manual injection- I would also be sure to discuss that with your pharmacist and/or physician first.

    Best of luck and so sorry for the situation!

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