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Trying to understand why I’m suddenly suffering from migraines with aura?

I’m 26 and in the last 3 months I’ve suffered 2 horrible migraines that began with visual aura. This has been causing me anxiety and unable to take care of my kids when I’m experiencing aura. Is it normal to begin having migraines at this age? I’ve always had a bad headache occasionally my whole life but this visual aura is a nightmare and I don’t know how to accept it.

  1. Hi there , Thank you for reaching out & asking this question. Any time there is a sudden change in your migraine symptoms it is important to discuss with your doctor to rule out anything more serious. That being said, migraine patterns, symptoms & frequency can certainly change over time, so while it can be completely "normal" to suddenly experience this change, again be sure to share this with your doctor. In the meantime, maybe you will find this article helpful to review. Will you keep us posted?

    1. Sorry to hear you are having new, troubling symptoms. Do talk with your healthcare team. Migraine is a diverse condition, yet some people have shared experiences, so the idea of "normal", well...

      There are more and less common experiences. I've discovered since researching my own Migraine, that symptoms can be bizzare, common, ordinary, unique, ypu name it.

      "Acceptance" is a funny word when it comes to health/illness.

      I've read many debates on whether or not to accept a condition in various chronic condition groups and even what acceptace means.

      For some it means acknowledgement and battling. For others it means honoring and adapting. For others it can be aquiecence.

      I encourage you to sit, walk, or lie down, quietly and give yourself permission to think about what it means to you. (I know, hard to do with kids and migraine!)

      Reach out to friends, family., or other trusted persons to develop a plan for ensuring you get the care you need while experiencing aura and the kids do too. I have local friends who will drive for me or care for my pets when I am imobilized by cognitive, neurological or pain symptoms.

      It's such a great step that you identify your concerns and are reaching out.

      I had my first and debilitating migraine at 38yrs of age. The anxiety and panic of not knowing what was wrong, what to do, or what was going to happen were overwhelming. And while Migraine has become "normal" for me, I still experience anxiety or panic during attacks. I've learned it's a symptom many with Migraine have.

      While a cure for anxiety and migraines remains ellusive, there are many, many therapies and one may do wonders for you.

      Personally, I use routine, nutrition, mild exercise, supportive relationships, lots of tea, pet therapy, sunshine and some homeopathic and prescription medications to treat my anxiety and migraines.

      As for acceptance? Oh, for me that came after repeated migraines. I have other chronic conditions and I find less stress and greater peace in the "honor and adapt" path, so I just applied it to Migraine after about three years.

      Here's hoping you find relief and useful therapies much sooner than that!


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