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The Accountant movie - major strobe light scenes

Hoping that "triggers" is the appropriate place to post this. My migraines are triggered by flickering light (fluorescent lights, driving past trees with the sun shining through, light/ceiling fan fixtures, etc). I went to go see "The Accountant" starring Ben Affleck in the theatre this weekend.

The movie has several scenes with very strong strobe lighting (in the movie Ben's character exposes himself to loud noise, strobe lights, and deep pressure massage to address his sensory scenes). I closed my eyes but nevertheless developed an extremely bad migraine by the end of the movie.

Just wanted to let other migraineurs know about this!
Be well,

  1. Hi Delaney,

    Thank you for your comments and being part of our discussion forum - we're glad you're here!

    I am sorry you experienced a migraine attack during the movie. That sort of takes the fun out of things, doesn't it? But thank you for letting us know about the triggers in this movie. You've probably saved a number of us from a migraine attack.

    I hope you are feeling better!


    1. My husband warned me about this movie. As a former ASD therapist, he said I would have loved the movie, but not able to tolerate it because of the strobe lights. Better safe than sorry.

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