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Does anyone have experience (positive or negative) with thorazine prescribed for migraine pain/nausea? My neurologist just added it to my meds for use with a migraine attack. My abortive is Zomig - works about 60-70% of the time, although it can sometimes take quite awhile to kick in. It almost always takes care of the nausea, though. I'm familiar with thorazine from when I worked with kids with psychiatric and severe behavior problems. I'm worried about taking this - side effects, etc.

  1. Hi Cathy,

    I've not tried Thorazine (brand name chlorpromazine) but do know other anti-psychotic medications including Zyprexa, have been used for migraine prevention not necessarily pain. We have some information on this medication from members of this discussion forum you may want to take a look at;

    Are you taking anything to prevent migraine attacks? When we have three or more severe attacks a month, it's a good idea to talk to the doctor about how to prevent them. This may mean taking medication and making different lifestyle choices. I'd like to share information on migraine prevention with you;

    Have you been able to identify any migraine triggers? Triggers can include certain foods, fluctuating hormones, irregular sleeping schedules, dehydration and many other things. And if we are able to figure out what our triggers are we may be able to reduce our migraine frequency and severity. We have information on triggers in this article;

    I hope this helps,

    1. Thanks, Nancy. That thorazine link was very helpful to read.

      I do take daily preventives. Currently they are Topamax, Sinequan(this one at night only), Skelaxin, and Propranolol (this one also for high blood pressure besides migraine prevention). The neurologist has been fiddling with this mix over the last year or so, trying to find something that will work better.
      Botox helped for 3 years or so and then became ineffective. I had facet blocks last summer and they made me temporarily worse instead of better. Cervical epidurals were not very effective. Am considering a regular nerve block now but am undecided. Have also done tons of physical therapy which has helped some but seems to have plateaued.

      I've identified some common triggers (lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, being late for a meal, and a few specific food triggers that I now avoid) and that has helped, but weather is my biggest trigger and I don't seem to be able to control that! ( : Stress is another factor and I find meditation has helped with that - both daily and during an attack if I can.

      I have an appt. with my family dr. soon and I think I will discuss the thorazine with him. While not a headache specialist, he was a pharmacist before he became an M.D., so he is very knowledgeable on meds.

      1. I take the Thorazine for my migraines. According to the label I take 1-3 at a time but any more than 2 makes me sleepy so I can't take them away from home, like work or anything. Like I said in the previous thread, it is a hit or miss. My hubby thinks it never helps - no it doesn't get rid of the migraine but makes it bearable. There are times like last night I will take 3 because it helps me sleep too and I don't have the hang over affect the next day.

        1. Thanks! Just making the migraine bearable is huge. As is the helping to sleep. Sometimes a decent night's sleep really seems to help me more than anything else.

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