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Tips for managing migraine

I am 69 and had my first migraine 45 years ago. Brought on by a type of snow blindness. I would have them a couple of times a year - diminishing sight with an aura ... no real headache but the feeling that I had been to a great party the night before. Never really medicated as I had no significant pain ... just dark glasses and a quiet space. Six years ago I had a stroke on my optic nerve and lost enough peripheral vision to lose my diving licence. Since then I have far more frequent migraines - no aura, no real headache but very painful/sensitive scalp, eyes, nose, head, back of neck. Really debilitating and normally lasting 5 days. My problem is I am limited to what medications I can have because of the stroke. I am in UK. Any suggestions on how to cope with the pain.

  1. Welcome to our site - I am sorry to hear that you had a stroke a while back, and now suffering more from migraines since. My question to you is have you spoken with your treating physician about this? Ice caps are helpful for the sensitive scalp, eyes, and neck to ease some of the acute pain, but I would talk with your doctor about getting you more lasting relief, especially since you are limited on the medications you can use. Complimentary treatment options may help like the ice cap, ice packs, heating pads, massages, etc. Hoping others chime in on the conversation to offer more ideas. Here is an article that may help - - Wishing you relief ~ Rebecca (community moderator)

    1. - Hi there- so glad you chimed in to share some of your long and challenging journey with migraine made more complicated by the recent stroke. Have you been evaluated by a migraine specialist? There are such specialists in the UK - here is a list that might help you find someone if you need that kind of support: There are many kinds of treatment approaches available these days and I'm unclear as to which ones may be safe given the stroke you experienced. Please know we are here and thinking of you. Warmly- Holly team.

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