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Anyone taking Trokendi XR - wondering what is best time to take?

Currently on 50mg. I take another medication that makes me drowsy during the day. Was taking both in the morning in case of the rare occasion I may have a drink. Can’t drink 6hr before or after taking.

  1. I take it at night before bed because it makes me sleepy. My neuro said it didn’t matter because it’s released over 24 hours but I seem to do better taking it before bed.

    1. Thanks I appreciate your feedback

  2. I agree. It made me sleepy. I actually really liked this side effect, because I often have trouble falling asleep. But I would definitely only want to take it at night.

    1. I take Trokendi of a morning. I started at 100mg, moved up to 150mg two months later, moved up to 200mg two months after that, backed off to 150mg a month after that when my vision started being adversely affected, a week after that I dropped down to 100mg. Yes, Trokindi makes me drowsy, pretty much all day every day. It’s going to regardless of when I take it. I, too, like to have a drink now and then. So, taking it of an evening doesn’t work w/ my lifestyle.

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