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Uneven Hair Growth

I have a serious question that may sound a bit odd but I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. I have had migraines since adolescence. So for me, that would be 50 years. They are pretty much under control now between sumatriptan, Botox, Aimovig, Topomax and Ubrelvy , my migraines are mild and only about half of the month. That’s said, I mostly get them on the right side of my head, but here is the problem, my hair will only grow past my shoulders on the left side of my head. I put off haircuts for six months or more only to have the hairdresser amazed by the fact that the hair on one side is many inches longer than the other as if you drew a line down my skull. Has any other migraineur found this to be true, that their hair grows much better, faster, or longer on one side of their head than the other?

  1. After starting Botox, most of my hair has a very limited growth cycle. I lost almost all my long hair. The only part that grows long is a small section above the center of my neck. The rest of my hair only grows about 4” total, then falls out and starts over again. Overall my hair is thinner as well.

    1. do you take any other therapies too? Topamax has almost killed my hair and botox was not helping either.

      1. Topamax gave me telogen effluviam, the condition where hair grows to about 6 inches and then just falls out. I used to have long blonde hair but it is now in tatters. All anti seizure drugs to this but doctors fail to tell you. I hope to be off Topa in a months time and will wait a year for it to come out of my body. I'm hoping to get Ajovy soon. I wish you all the best.

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