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Using magnesium

I get a bad migraine once a week and Imitrex usually gets rid of it. However 3 days a week I get a mild migraine and I just put up with it and take no medication. My doctor has suggested taking a glycinate magnesium pill each night to ward off the mild headaches. Since starting the magnesium pill it seems I have had a mild headache EVERY day! Could it be the pill? Do anyone have any experience with this problem?

  1. hi I'm so glad I've seen this as I started on magnesium glycinate and it actually gave me a fuzzy head feeling like a mild migraine for a few days before it turned into a fully blown migraine. I thought it was just me but when I stopped the magnesium the funny head stopped and no migraines . Would be really interested in anyone else experiencing this too .

    1. I have just started taking magnesium and have felt awful all week, fuzzy head on the verge of migraine and then today full migraine. I think I’ll stop and see if I feel better

      1. feeling so much better already

      2. so glad to hear it! ~Melanie (team member)

    2. Wow. You both sound like me exactly! I will quite the magnesium and see if I feel better. I'll report back later.

      1. , we will be interested to hear how you are feeling, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well now! ~Melanie (team member)

    3. I quit the magnesium pill 3 days ago and the fuzzy headache persisted continuously till last evening. I felt a bit better and went to bed for the night. Feeling great this morning and can't help but blame the magnesium pills for this 4 day headache!

      1. You mentioned something that jogged my memory. A day or so after taking my first magnesium pill I awoke at night with a stomach pain. Took some Tums and got over it. Just realized maybe it was the magnesium pill.

      2. I'm so sorry that you experienced this too!

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