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What happened to me?

For years I have had migraine with aura limited to sparkling lights and a really bad headache. I live with them and they don't really concern me and I get about two or three a year.

However recently I got up out of bed. Went to the bathroom and something strange happened. I stood there and a hand appeared in front of me. I thought it was the husband so I looked to the right and he was not there. I realised it was my hand and it freaked me out a little as my hand wasn't doing things that I wanted it too. My hand eye coordination was very poor as it took me a lot of effort to put the tap on.

I was scared and didn't know what was happeneing so I sat. I then got numbness in the right hand side, my tonge went numb and I got the scintillating scotoma. For the first time I got blind spots too and the room was very dark and strange looking and I could only see one section of the room. I realised it was some sort of migraine which calmed me somewhat as I thought I was having a stroke. After the incident it was a standard migraine recovery but a lot more of a sore head. For the next two days things tasted funny, particularly soft drinks and sodas.

It wasn't a nice experience. Could it be hemiplegic or MAV?

  1. Hi Confused32, we have a couple of articles that you may be interested in that talk about visual hallucination. You may also be interested in Migraine Symptons - Hemeplegia.

    I hope these are helpful. We're always here to share information and support. Thanks for being part of the community! -All Best, Donna ( team)

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