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When your cause is location, Denver and Florida

Ok, I am from east coast and never had headache issue until moving to Denver where it has become a nightmare. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is tho bc apparently I now have it in Florida as well. I can tell you in Denver, the constant barometric pressure changes are my biggest problem, followed by high altitude, intense sun, dry air and extreme temp changes. Florida never bothered me in past, but I had problems on recent trip although not as bad as Denver. I can't see the commonality there they are completely different. I'm trying to move somewhere that I will no longer have this issue, but I don't know if I'm missing something about what Denver and Florida have in common?
Portland, Las Vegas I have visited and had immediate relief of all symptoms including red nose. Obviously I'm trying to visit some move options as time permits, but you only get so much vacation from work and it's still limited time I didn't get this when I first visited Denver either. Humidity does not seem to be a problem for me. I don't know, I'm completely confused about what exactly my triggers are bc Portland is supposed to be awful, but I felt great there, just thinking about it so soothing the moisture and darkness. Anyway, if any weather experts on here, throw in your 2cents please!

  1. All I know is my sister felt better in California and I felt so much better in Switzerland!
    Texas and Colorado have been bad for my headaches.

    1. My migraines have been pretty severe at times in FL, especially during the summer months when the humidity raises throughout the day and it often rains every afternoon. Even if it doesn't rain it becomes overcast and I can tell the weather changes. Looking forward to Jan/Feb/March

      1. I live in Southeast Alabama and I am 33 and have had migraines all of my life. I've had every test imaginable done and have always been told it is environmental headached. I take Topamax and Imitrex for them. But here, the overcast/rainy days absolutely KILL me. Also, there is tons of pollen this time of year so I pretty much have to stay on I mitre at all times......which is horrible and dangerous. The heat also gives me migraines as it is hot here almost year round. I can't tell you where would be good, but I can definately tell you that Alabama is NOT good. Good luck!

        1. For me, living in Minnesota, summers are painful. With frequent rain storms I get migraines almost weekly. The winter is blissful however. It is interesting to note that the quick thunderstorm type rain doesn't hurt me at all. It is the slow moving, light soaker type rains. Where it stays overcast forever and light raining for hours. That gives me all day, sometimes multi day migraines. Those type storms happen all too frequently in Minnesota. Needless to say I hate summers here. I lived in Las Vegas for a year & I don't remember having many if any weather related migraines. I always thought Denver would be a good place to move to someday so I could still have my weather change experience (fall colors, snow etc). I missed that when I was in NV. Might have to test that theory before we ever make that leap.

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