The Realities of a Life With Migraine Aren’t Visible

The Realities of a Life With Migraine Aren’t Visible

A life with migraine comes complete with pain. Pain that's only visible when we are left to cower in dark rooms and cancel plans out of fear of worsening the attack. But it’s the emotional pain that’s often forgotten and invisible – isolation, missing out, misunderstandings, stigma – you name it, migraine probably has it.

Who takes migraine seriously?

Primary migraine healthcare provider
Close family members
Close friends

Migraine pain is a beast that not many people understand. It’s easy to feel hopeless.

- community member

Migraine stigma isn't always others' perceptions.

Self-inflicted stigma is something that shouldn’t be ignored with migraine. Internalizing the judgment and misconceptions that others have can impact how we view ourselves. We may question whether our experience are as challenging as they feel, if your pain really justifies the need for medication; we even begin to push ourselves too hard.

Which relationships are negatively impacted?

Social life/relationships with friends
Relationships with family

It’s no surprise that many experience anxiety around the next attack or engaging with loved ones, strangers, and even healthcare providers.

A host of negative migraine experiences...

switched doctors because they felt disrespected
were told their migraine is just a headache
felt profiled as a drug seeker
felt their doctor didn’t believe their migraine was real
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