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Inconvenience of Having to Come Off Meds Abruptly

Last updated: May 2021

Because of a recent medical series of events that led to a major POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) flare-up, I’ve had to stop taking one of my migraine medications, due to the fact that it also lowers blood pressure. Because of all of the recent episodes of syncope, my doctor and I have had several appointments each month, while I continue to monitor my numbers several times a day.

My attacks with and without medication

There have been a lot of eye-opening things in the past two months since this flare-up, including me realizing how much my medication DOES help me every single day. I went without it for nearly two months and it was two of the longest months ever. It definitely felt like a lot more time went by than just those two months. I had tingling on the left side of my body along with nearly every symptom that comes along with my active hemiplegic migraines. Normally with medications, the migraine head pain itself is quite minimal, with a few exceptions each month, mostly related to lack of sleep. But these last two months have literally been a pain in the head and neck, along with all of my left side extremities.

My migraine medications work

This setback allowed me to realize a lot more than just how well my migraine medication has been working, but also a harsh reminder and reality of how bad they get without the medication. Even with IV fluids several times a week to help increase the volume of fluid in my body to help with blood pressure and keeping hydrated, it’s a stark reminder of how ill I feel without it. It’s definitely been a reminder of how thankful I should be that I have a migraine medication that works so well for me.

I'm fortunate and grateful

I feel lucky that I’m able to say this, as I’m sure there will be a few readers that are upset by this since they haven’t been able to find a medication that works consistently for them or they haven’t found anything that helps them with the frequency and amount of pain. I know that I’ve been fortunate to find something that lessens the intensity of my symptoms and has helped me be more independent; but it’s also been a huge shock to me that without the medication, I still struggle just as much, if not more when I’m not able to take it. It’s definitely a reminder that it’s something I will continue to struggle with long-term, with and without medications.

I may still have to skip doses

Currently, right now, I just got the go-ahead to begin taking it again, but it’s going to take a while to build back up in my system and prevent the ones that I’ve frequently been getting. Because I’m still struggling with my POTS and my blood pressure bottoming out, there are days I have to skip my dose and it’s a pretty crappy feeling, especially knowing the pain I’ve been in lately and also knowing how much it works. I’m hoping that this flare of POTS won’t last much longer, but it’s been a long 2 months and I know that there will still likely be days ahead that I’m not able to take it.

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