Person in profile shows Nerivio assistive device on arm.

My Experience with Nerivio

I have tried numerous forms of therapy to help treat and manage my migraine disease. I make it a point to cover any new treatment options when I visit my neurologist, and this past appointment was no exception. I was surprised to hear that there was a new therapy option that she could offer me that was not a medication. She presented me with a sample Nerivio device and covered how it worked as well as the pricing.

What is Nerivio?Nerivio is a neuromodulation device that you wear on your arm between the shoulder and elbow. It is as small as a cellphone and is held in place by electrode pads similar to those on a TENS unit and an armband. It is controlled by an app on your cellphone, and the unit comes programmed for twelve cycles of therapy.How long did it take to receive it?The device is to be used at the onset of an attack. I had the opportunity to use the device after receiving it for free as part of the trial program. It was delivered via the US mail roughly 3 business days after it was prescribed by my neurologist. I was fortunate to receive the device as I am a chronic migraineur and it is slotted for episodic migraineurs. Setting it up and trying it onSoon after receiving Nerivio, I had an attack that was quickly ramping up to be a real skull crusher. I had previously paired the device to my phone so I didn’t have to deal with that during an attack, and I placed the device on my arm. After that, the arm sleeve went on to further secure the device. It was a bit cumbersome to get on the first time, but it will be easier since I know how it goes on now.Trying Nerivio for the first timeAfter getting settled in for the forty-five-minute therapy cycle I turned up the intensity on the unit. The goal is to increase the intensity until it is uncomfortable and then lower until it is just comfortable. The electric current is meant to travel up the body and engage the trigeminal bundle of nerves to help alleviate your migraine. Did it help alleviate my migraine?I didn’t mind sitting for the course of therapy. I was able to comfortably tolerate the occasional spasming of my bicep. The upside was that it reduced my attack without having to take any abortive medications. I consider that to be a huge win for me, and it will be a win for anyone who is taking abortive medications assuming the device works to kill their migraine!Will I continue to use it?I will continue to use Nerivio to help manage my attacks and keep a close record of how effective it is for my future attacks. The device, as I said, is programmed with twelve therapy sessions so at the end of the last cycle I will need to contact the pharmacy to get a new device. The cost quoted to me at the doctor’s office was $99.00 for another unit with twelve therapy sessions. At this time I am not certain whether the used device is returned or not, but that would seem reasonable to me. I will continue to use this as a form of therapy for as long as it remains effective for me.

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