New Decade Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions have always been a fickle thing for me. Growing up, adults swore on the fact that with each beginning of the calendar year, they would strive to have a new purpose! A single element of themselves that they would work on.

This promise always seemed to be more of a ritualistic ideology rather than an achievable goal for most.

New decade, new mindset

When I was of age to New Year’s resolute, I went for immeasurable things like 'be a better person,' 'be happier,' and 'treat people like awesome dudes.' Things that are sweet in theory but super duper vague.

As this year rounds itself out, there comes more than just a change of calendar. This is the end of a decade. Perhaps this is the best way to make change, with a grander time-frame in mind.

I want to be more migraine-conscious

But wait Sawyer, isn’t this still an unachievable and vague statement? Well hah, I would say. I have some cool bullet points to accompany my claim.

  • I need to eat better

    There are a ton of both strong and sweet foods that trigger migraines. I love both of these things ‘til death, but I know they aren’t good for me. This time of year is especially hard, with everything covered in either chocolate or icing. I know that my diet cannot consist of sweets as much as I need it. As much as I am sort of addicted to it.

  • I need to sleep better

    I have several rituals that I do before bed. Like I love to browse my phone, lights off, until I nod off. However, this strain on my eyes is a trigger. There are precautions I can take, like lowering the brightness, engaging night-shift mode, where browsers are darker and the screen is yellower, lessening the stress on my eyes. I could also read before bed but that may be a little far-fetched for my hyperactive brain.

  • I don’t want to feel so frustrated

    It’s really hard when I do everything I can do, i.e. eating less sugar, sleeping well and just generally limiting stress, and still get a migraine. I think at the end of the day I shouldn’t blame myself, or God, or whoever will listen when my brain is shattering late at night. This is a part of me. I have methods to relieve pain, yes, however just because I am not defined by migraine doesn’t mean it isn’t a part of me. Something always there.

  • Acceptance rather than blame

    There are always things I can do to make myself feel clearer and it starts here. With a promise. A promise to myself that my body and mind are of the utmost importance and are paramount to my wellbeing, so treat them with love and care. Listening to my body and staying hydrated will pretty much keep me satisfied most of the time, but for the rest…

How about a new decade resolution to keep my head pointed toward a migraine-free direction? Now let’s just see if I keep it up!!

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