Tiny Auras Behind Every Corner

As someone who lives with migraine, looming over my head like an ever present cloud of brain pain, I’m always looking over my shoulder. Like I’m being tailed by a dark van in a spy movie. I’m always ready for a tender moment in my life to turn sour when migraine takes its place. I really try my hardest, when I can, to stay in the moment and not let my setbacks set others back. I don’t want to have to hunker down if I don’t have to. To push through until my breaking point.

How disruptive are my auras?

My auras are one of the only things that disrupt notion, usually.

Auras are the sign that the worst is yet to come. I’ll get migraines without them, sure. They throb, pulsate, and draw me right to my naproxen sodium like moths to a flame, but auras, man… They’re a warning shot before a barrage of brain missiles mforce me go to bed at 2pm.

My migraines (mygraines) are hardly consistent, but what I can count on is an aura=trouble.

How do they usually present?

However..Lately, my auras have been on the fritz. I feel like I’m short circuiting. They usually present themselves as huge visual globs that take up my entire central field of view, then migrate to my periphery. They’re so unnerving that I’ll stop my whole day to cater to them! Whenever I see a sunspot in my vision, I’ll start looking at my hands, tracing every line to see if they’re fuzzy.

How have they been "small"?

Lately, my auras have been small. They’re definitely auras, for sure. Flashing and warping pieces of spacetime ripping through my vision, that only I can see. Only this time…They’re much tinier than normal. I’ve had them on a couple of occasions, with my family, out and about, on a date with my girlfriend, etc. As these visual anomalies fade away, a small migraine will take its place. They’ll be dull and distant. Like my aura and corresponding head pain are far away, trying to break free into my head. It feels like I’m getting one almost every other week. A small phenomena that I’ll gladly take over the real thing. It just makes me ponder.. Is this a ruse?

Do I take my migraine lightly?

Migraine is never something I’m going to take lightly. Who knows if the next one will be a WHOPPER, or a lil baby boy like this chain of auras? I’m stuck at these crossroads, where I don’t know if they’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m getting too comfortable thinking that I can continue my day with this dull pain that easily wicked away with a low dose of naproxen sodium!

Do I have that lingering migraine feeling?

I feel like migraine is lurking behind me now more than ever. These sprite auras, as I’ll probably end up calling them (sounds cool), are a way better alternative to the big hammer ones that I feel every few months, to years. Yes, I may not be feeling as much physical pain, but that lingering migraine feeling is always with me. That at any given moment, one of these sprites will explode into a power surge that’ll rock my brain. Only time will tell, but until then; I’m gonna try and take them one attack at a time.

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