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Migraine Relief During Pregnancy

Your body goes through a lot of change during pregnancy – including a lot of hormonal shifts to support your ever-growing baby. Although with these changes can come unwanted migraines. The challenge of course with migraines during pregnancy is the limitations on medications you can safely take. As always, connect with your physician on what is the most appropriate treatment for you during pregnancy, but here are some suggestions that I received from my healthcare providers.

Chiropractic care

Some migraines can be triggered from muscular tension. This is often the case for me. That’s why my doctor suggested it as an option to help manage migraines during my pregnancy. Tension can build up from a variety of things – poor posture (which is likely to happen as your body changes in so many ways during pregnancy), holding stress in neck and shoulders, a change in sleeping positions (farewell back sleeping!) and so much more. As you go through pregnancy, notice if tension is building up in any particular area of your body. While stretching and yoga can be helpful for daily maintenance, getting a chiropractic adjustment may offers some greater relief. This is one of my go-to strategies the minute I sense a migraine coming on. It doesn’t completely eliminate the migraine, but I have found that it helps to lessen the intensity of it by releasing the physical tension. As with any healthcare provider, it’s important to get recommendations and check reviews. Most chiropractors are trained to modify adjustments during pregnancy, but that’s important to ask in advance.


Acupuncture was another healing modality that was recommended to manage migraines during pregnancy. It can be most helpful to managing stress and anxiety – two other factors that can contribute to migraines. It can also help to support sleep – a hot commodity, especially during the end of pregnancy. I personally have found acupuncture to be helpful in both preventing migraines and providing some relief during an active migraine. Again, ask for recommendations and check reviews on your local providers.


I was so excited when my obstetrician reminded me that magnesium can help with migraine management. Apparently, it’s often part of the IV fluids that they give migraine patients who come into the emergency room. This was probably the easiest and least expensive approach that I put into action and quickly noticed a difference. I chose to take it at night because magnesium can also help to support sleep, so I felt like I was getting a bonus benefit out of it.


Lastly, my obstetrician mentioned that Botox has been effective with managing migraines for many of her patients and is safe during pregnancy. I’ve heard of many fellow migraine sufferers who get relief from Botox, but I didn’t realize that it was a safe option during pregnancy. Of course, it’s up to each individual to do what they feel most comfortable with during their pregnancy. I personally don’t feel I get migraines frequently enough to warrant this right now, but I do like having it tucked in my back pocket should I need it.

How about you?

Have you tried any of these pregnancy-friendly migraine “remedies”? What do you believe has been most helpful in managing migraines during pregnancy?

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