Using My Smartwatch Info to Take Charge of My Health

Recently I saved up and purchased a new activity watch that would allow me to measure my swim, biking and running for training. At the moment, health-wise, there is no way I could train in a triathlon or any athletic competition. But I was able to save up enough for the new watch that I knew I would use for health data as well. Here are some of the things I found.

A reminder to do a few breathing exercises

I’ve been pretty ill lately, but I was pleasantly surprised when my watch began to vibrate with a message and an option to take a minute and do a few breathing exercises. It alerts me when my heart rate suddenly becomes very high. At any time, you can swipe the screen of your watch and it will give you an opportunity to have a timed and guided meditation. I found this to be one of the most helpful tricks on y watch and was very pleasantly surprised the first time I was given the option to participate.

Adding emergency contact info to my smartwatch

This could also help others if you may not be able to answer. I also wear a medical identification that attaches to my watch. But the watch itself can also help me out in the middle of a crisis if it were to happen.

I keep my emergency info on the screen so when you “swipe” the watch, it goes directly to my emergency contacts and gives a line or two of information. I chose to put that I have a PICC line in my Left arm at the moment. The message can be short and customized.

Sharing smartwatch info with my doctor

So far, the things I've brought to my doctor is definitely my average heart rate and when I've had some major fluctuations, as there have been some pop-ups on my watch that tell me this. It's also very helpful to bring your sleep cycles to your doctor. I get sick at a certain point in the morning and my watch info majorly reflects this. It's very obvious what my sleep pattern looks like when I'm under stress, in pain or when I am feeling really ill.

For convenience, I've compiled the most important data that my watch gives me and before I go to my specialists, I sync my watch and write down some of the data. I leave that piece of paper with my doctors when I visit - it helps me feel like I'm helping provide my own care and resources to the best of my ability.

Have you ever considered purchasing a smartwatch JUST to solely use it for health data? How, if you do, do you utilize your smart devices and watches so that you can better utilize your health and bring your observations to your care team? What other health info do you bring to your specialists?

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