Biofeedback for the treatment of migraine headaches: an introduction

In Biofeedback for migraines, various bodily functions are measured to help patients learn to control them.

Biofeedback typically measures:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Brain waves
  • Skin temperature
  • Breathing
  • Muscle tension

Electrodes are attached the person’s body so that the measurements can be seen on monitors. Therapists who specialize in Biofeedback teach the participant how to change the body’s functions, which include lowering blood pressure.

Biofeedback is commonly used to treat:

Biofeedback for migraine has also been shown in some studies to be a helpful natural remedy for those who suffer from persistent migraines.

How Biofeedback works for migraines

As with many migraine remedies, researchers and doctors aren’t certain how acts as a natural migraine treatment. Some who study Biofeedback believe it helps patients learn to control stress, which allows them to control their body better and prevent migraines.

Some doctors recommend first learning Biofeedback when the there is no head pain from a migraine attack.

Studies of Biofeedback and migraines

A German study in 2007 combined the results of 55 trials of Biofeedback and migraines. The study found a reduction in the number of migraine attacks and that patients who received training for using Biofeedback at home did best.

Another study that combined the results of 25 trials found that Biofeedback prevented migraines just as well as prevention medication.

Who should not participate in Biofeedback for migraines

Biofeedback is considered safe. Since no drugs, supplements or product are put in the body, there haven’t been side effects reported.

Discuss with your doctor to determine if muscle contraction done during Biofeedback may harm any existing conditions.

Whether you’re taking a medication or controlling migraines naturally, pregnant women should first consult a physician before trying Biofeedback for migraines.



As always, the best source for advice on treating your migraines is your own migraine specialist. These descriptions of natural remedies are provided only for informational purposes. You should begin no medication or supplement without first checking with your physician. Again, this information should in no way substitute or be mistaken for medical advice.

Written by: Otesa Miles | Last review date: November 2010
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