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Migraine Community Advocate Jaime SandersJaime was previously a health leader on Migraine.com.

I have lived with migraine for 37 years.  My first migraine diagnosis was at 8 years old, although I had undiagnosed abdominal migraine since the age of one.  I remained episodic throughout most of my twenties, however, I started to have more frequent and harder to treat migraine attacks.  At 27 I was diagnosed with chronic migraine and a few years later with new daily persistent headache and chronic daily headache.

Despite living a life of chronic pain, I have always managed to find the strength and will to move forward in life.  Having a debilitating illness which carries a stigma is no easy life to live.  Wanting to remove that stigma, educate society, and provide support to other people with migraine prompted me to start my blog, The Migraine Diva. Through my own challenges, failed treatments, and successes I can champion for myself and for the millions of others who live and fight silently with this chronic disease.

Patient advocacy is one of my passions. I also have had the privilege to speak on behalf of migraine patients at last year’s BlogHer Women’s Conference More to Migraine panel and this year at the first ever Amgen Migraine Blogger Summit. I will continue my advocacy work as a panelist on Research! America’s Capitol Hill Briefing on Migraine next month.  Using my voice and story as a catalyst to keep the conversation going will continue to be my drive to put migraine disease and other headache disorders on the forefront to gain better access to treatment, research, and support.
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