Kerrie Smyres

Migraine Community Advocate Kerrie SmyresKerrie Smyres has lived with migraine and chronic daily headache since she was 11. Now in her early 40s, Kerrie tries to live by the philosophy that migraine is only one part of her and that there’s much more to her than illness. Some days are more successful than others.

In addition to blogging at The Daily Headache, which she started in 2005, Kerrie joined with her husband, Hart, to create TheraSpecs migraine glasses, a natural treatment that reduces migraine frequency and severity. She also enjoys baking, cooking, practicing yoga, dancing, reading, traveling, crafting, thrifting and watching baseball.

After living in Seattle for six years and Boston for one, Kerrie determined that clouds, rain and weather changes are migraine triggers for her. She and her husband recently moved back to the more stable climate of their hometown, Phoenix, AZ, where she’s enjoying the sunshine and reconnecting with old friends.

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