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Shoshana Lipson

Migraine Community Advocate Shoshana LipsonShoshana Lipson is the President of Hope in Pain, Inc. and the Executive Director of Migraine Meanderings™ and Hope for Migraine™. She is a patient advocate, speaker, and writer with a passion to encourage, support, educate and inspire people with migraine and other chronic pain conditions to find purpose and value in the midst of chronic illness. Shoshana was diagnosed in early childhood with migraine that rapidly chronified, as well as widespread joint pain. In 2018, she started exploring how to use her background in non-profit management, social media, and public speaking to help with patient advocacy.

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Since 2018, Shoshana has built a community of over 20,000 active members across multiple social media platforms, and in 2021 launched a new initiative called, Empowering Patient Voices. She collaborates with various advocacy organizations and leaders who advocate for people with migraine and chronic pain, and writes regularly for Shoshana has been a migraine advocate spokesperson for several organizations and conference speaker including the Association of Migraine Disorders, Healthy Women, the American Journal of Managed Care, CHAMP, DIA Global, Pharma and Patient USA, and the Pain Therapeutics Summit. Shoshana consults with various pharmaceutical and medical device companies as a patient advisor.

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