Tom Picerno

Migraine Community Advocate Tom PicernoTom Picerno was born in Huntington NY. He moved to Florida when he was in elementary school. Currently, he lives with his wife, Cheryl, married 29 years in Florida. He has three grown children and two grands. He enjoys cooking, fishing, writing and spending time with his family. His migraine journey started exactly on Sept 27, 2011. It began with episodic migraine and gradually became chronic. After countless tests and doctor visits he was formally diagnosed. Along the journey he found that education about migraine was one of the most powerful tools he could find, and he feels strongly about educating others as well as sharing his experience with the disease. In March 2019 he joined Health Union to contribute and moderate support to others who are debilitated by migraine. His family, faith and the support of other migraine sufferers keeps his attitude positive and he is always moving forward with hope

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