I want to know more about CBD oil

I suffer from chronic severe, intractable migraines. Is there any info about the efficacy of CBD oil to treat and prevent them & how often to use it.

Community Answers
  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi there f0aw96,
    Thanks so much for your question! As you wait for possible feedback from the community regarding their experience with CBD oil for chronic severe intractable migraine, I thought you might find some of the discussion in our forum section helpful to review. You can take a look here. Additionally, you will notice that another member posed the same question (just below yours on this page) and someone replied with an answer. Also, as with any treatment, supplement or remedy…always be sure to discuss first with your doctor. Sure hope this helps & thanks again for reaching out! -Joanna (Migraine.com Team)

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