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Only 12 more hours

I am sitting at the breakfast table staring at the clock on the wall. My head is threatening to explode but I can still do enough math to figure that I have to make it through 12 hours before I can come home, sedate myself, crawl into bed and pray for a little relief.

I am in the midst of a migraine that started yesterday, brought on by our crazy Spring weather patterns. Or maybe my crazy peri-menopausal body, take your pick. In any event, I had taken the maximum allowable rescue medicine for that 24 hours and sleep did help a bit. But my old friend awakened me at 4am with the promise of another painful day. I couldn't call in sick today due to work commitments and I had to shuttle a child to doctor appointments. I took whatever meds the clock told me I could take and got dressed. I pride myself on being a highly-functioning migraineur when I have to be, so I put on my "I can do this" mask and walked out the door. As I got on the road, I smiled a small smile when I realized "...only 11-1/2hours to go...".

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