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Only 12 more hours

I am sitting at the breakfast table staring at the clock on the wall. My head is threatening to explode but I can still do enough math to figure that I have to make it through 12 hours before I can come home, sedate myself, crawl into bed and pray for a little relief.

I am in the midst of a migraine that started yesterday, brought on by our crazy Spring weather patterns. Or maybe my crazy peri-menopausal body, take your pick. In any event, I had taken the maximum allowable rescue medicine for that 24 hours and sleep did help a bit. But my old friend awakened me at 4am with the promise of another painful day. I couldn’t call in sick today due to work commitments and I had to shuttle a child to doctor appointments. I took whatever meds the clock told me I could take and got dressed. I pride myself on being a highly-functioning migraineur when I have to be, so I put on my “I can do this” mask and walked out the door. As I got on the road, I smiled a small smile when I realized “…only 11-1/2hours to go…”.

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  • Ginny
    4 years ago

    I know how you feel. The hours between pain meds go so slowly. One thing you should be aware of is that driving while on pain meds can be very dangerous. If in an accident you can be charged with driving under the influence in some states.

  • RobertCan
    4 years ago

    Well-written, Beth. I can totally relate to being a “highly-functioning migraineur”, but the reality is that I’m getting worse by the day at fooling people, including myself. We all have things we need to get done and do our best under difficult circumstances but if we’re also not actively seeking long-term relief, we’re heading for a cliff.

    I’m not peri-menopausal (although my wife would say otherwise) but our spring weather has been a huge contributor to my increased pain levels. This was confirmed by my pain doctor who said he’s seen a huge increase in migraineurs seeking relief from pain this spring.

    Wishing you a pain-free day – robert

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    4 years ago

    I feel your pain. Whether this happens to you once a year or once a week, I encourage you to ask for help. Maybe a neighbor could have given your kids a ride to school? That doesn’t solve the problem of having 12 hours to do, but it would give your body time for a little bit more rest. And every moment counts.

    We all know how to put on that Migraine Mask, but it’s ok to ask for help!


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