My 13 year struggle

At the age of 8 I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Thankfully, I lived but with two major debilitating defects. The first was neuropathy. Hurt like no other. Sharp pains in the nerves that struck anywhere at any moment and were crippling. We tried all medications but nothing worked. Over the years the pain didn't get better but I got used to it. Second factor was migraines. Now these bad boys, I never got used to. Til the age of 19 it just affected my head. Had me on the ground, screaming, crying, begging for some type of relief. All tests possible were done. Nothing.

They started Botox every 3 months which scratched the surface but I was still in urgent cares very often. I couldn't hold a job or barely function. I was on a preventative medicine, and multiple medicines that were strong grade to kill one if was stubborn. None of it worked; even with Botox. At the age of late 19 to now; I'm 21, my migraines changed. They started to damage my eyes, especially my left. My vision decreased rapidly, and every time I had one come on; one of my eyes went blind and would get lazy. Couple times both eyes went blind and went different ways. I couldn't control them. It just felt like the pressure behind my eyes would make them pop out. It happens each time now. Usually just one eye but occasionally both. They've checked my eye pressure before and it's normal. Even looked behind with a picture. Everything's good. It for sure is making my vision worse however. The slightest light or sound or movement is like jackhammers to my head. Even the air around my head hurts. Laying down makes it ten times worse.

If anyone else goes through the same symptoms and has found a solution or just has support, please let me know. It's very frustrating and feels like no one else understands the type of pain.

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