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Since I was 16 and didn't know what it was until I was in my 30's

I started getting migraines in my teens but wasn't' diagnosed until I was in my mid 30's. Since then , I would only have a couple a year which I could deal with. Until my husband passed away when I was 40 and then they got worse. By the time I hit 45 I was having at least 20 migraines every month, still trying to raise my youngest child and work full time.

I saw 2 neurologists and all they did was over medicate me. I finally found a great neurologist that totally understood, I remarried a wonderful ,understanding patient man who understands what I am going through and I have his total support. I thought we were headed in the right direction until July 1 2013 when I had a mild stroke which they still are trying to find the link to the chronic migraines. Then I seemed to be doing better and ended up having to have heart surgery due to a blocked LAD which would have led to a massive heart attack. Now the cardiologist is convinced as well as my Neuro that the stroke is probably from the heart disease.

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I am back to square One with the migraines but I have faith in my Neuro as he is awesome. I also have the support of a terrific husband who is my best friend too. I also have many friends that understand for the most part but I hesitate to ask as I am very independent and generally rely on myself. I don't like to ask or feel like a burden as my grown children do not understand except my youngest who is 23 as she is also a migraine sufferer so we take care of each other. And I still work a full time 50 hour a week job as my husband is disabled and we cannot afford for me not to work.

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