From 20+ migraine days a month to 6...

I will try to make this short, but thought it would help to share how I managed to cut the frequency of my migraines to 1/4 the amount.

I am 27, and a mother to two rambunctious kids, ages 3 and 5. I've had migraines for 20 years now this year. Being 7 with an occasional migraine wasn't fun, but it was better than last year. I had severe migraines almost every single day.

At 24 I had a MRI done to confirm that it was "just a migraine" and not some underlying horror.

So at 26, I didn't expect them to get to the point that I couldn't function. I knew my triggers and avoided all of the avoidable ones. I cut every ounce of caffeine, sugar, fake sugar, yeast, alcohol, etc.... Yet even without hormonal spikes or weather changes, I was still bed bound. Medication has never helped me. I also drink plenty of water. My kids needed me.

I decided to try the daith peircing, and I went 24 days migraine free! Then hormones took over and I had a mild migraine that lasted 22 hours. I was so happy that I could still move and be a mom.

It has been 10 months, and I now only get mild to moderate migraines when I am ovulating and during my period. The total days per month is now at a steady 6. Weather doesn't effect my migraines anymore. Stress does, but not as severely unless I already have the start of one coming on. I have only had one severe migraine.

I highly recommend getting the daith piercing, but still hydrating and avoiding triggers.

My next step is going to be trying cbd oil to see if I can be migraine free without side effects.

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