20 years of pain

I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 13 years old. I was experiencing pain daily and did not know what to do. My parents took me to the hospital for appointments to find out what could be done since migraines run in my family.

My father was military so they first prescribed motrin and lortab. I have been in pain to the point of taking 8 to 10 800 mg motrin tablets just to relieve the pain. When I went into an appointment for my migraines and the Dr. walked in and asked me how much lortab did I want I quit going to the military Dr's. I felt like a drug addict and do not take pain medication at this time. I have tried all the common medications to help with daily maintenance of my migraines and I believe like most, they worked for a short time or I suffered horrible side effects. I have gained 20 lbs in a month and suffered horrible facial pain from the triptans.

To this day I am seeing a chiropractor for my migraines. In his x-ray he pointed out how my spine is out of alignment and my neck is curved the wrong way. He believes he can relieve my daily head pain by correcting my spine and training it to stay in the correct position.

Wish me luck.


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