25 years testing MS ... diagnosis... now need help

For over 25 years I have had problems with very bad migraines, and aura that have been much like M.S. There has been some brief remission times. Its been more frequent again in the last few year. I have lost my vision in my left eye 3 times and both eyes once completely. I get neropathy in my lower legs and hands but esp left lower leg which makes me limp during the aura period of time. My hands and feet are freezing cold and just won't warm up.I am dizzy and imbalanced during during the aura. The floor feels like it tilts. Sometimes I have nausea.I am very confused. I have trouble speaking and trouble understanding. The pain of the migraine itself is very bad and is on the left lower back side of my neck but one time ...just one ... was on the lower right back side of neck.. it lasts about 30 to 45 mins and is unbearable. I do not have it each time I have aura. I often have aura and stop the migraine with an injection I do myself with 60mg of toradol because the most recient migraine episode was so severe my husband found me on the floor slurring ,not able to move , not comprehending anything,eyes rolled back , and I slept and don't remember anything for 2 days....so I need to avoid more spells like that. Then, I TRIED botox for the migraines which made me have very sore and swollen neck and not be able to swallow food and eye lid drop and more frequent migraines ...I decided I better go back to the only thing that ever worked before because that dose of toradol is so hard on your liver and kidney.So I am taking Topamax 100mg a day. I am very very depressed with the side effects. I don't feel like myself at all. I forgot to tell you all that after 23years of searching I was diagnosed with BASILAR migraines. Has anyone tried pure oxygen??? I have low blood pressure, severe osteoporosis and other health issues but those are the 2 that I think would affect medication. Anyone relate to this?? I keep trying but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Thanks! Tamkit

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