34 years with chronic migraines

I’m new to Migraine.com I understand what you mean about tired of being tired. I’ve had chronic migraines since the age of 16 and I’m now 50 . My husband is wonderful at the time of the migraines but I truly don’t think he understands the absolute horrific amount of pain that I’m In! Sometimes they are gone in one day but sometimes they stay for 3/4 days at a time. I go to the er when I can’t take it anymore and I try my best not to cry because that causes more pounding pain! I’m on 3 different types of meds sometimes they work and other times especially if I wake up with one already there nothing will work! I used to also take excedrin migraine but I had started taking 5 to 6 (or more) a day everyday! My specialist doesn’t understand why they are still so frequent or why they still last for days. I don’t work anymore because I was calling in more than being at work. So I’ve applied for disability benefits. Sometimes I wish I could get a knife and cut out the part that hurts and sew my head backup! I lose track of days and become confused when family and friends tell me no today is…..

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