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36 years of migraine and it is getting worse

My first childhood memory is of pain a dark room and feeling sick, I must have been 3 or 4 then. Since then it is a constant companion, as a teen I’ve been adicted to aspirin and starting in the twenties I suffered under daily headaches 7 days a week 52 weeks a year going to bed in pain getting up in pain for nearly 12 years taking daily max medications sometimes 3 or 4 different one just to be able to perform. I am 40 now and in the last 8 years it got better a attack every couple of months who would last a week, I could live with that. Last year November I started getting migraine attacks weekly with just a day inbetween to recover, my toes on the right side did get numb my finger on the right side where on pins and needles and burning sensation in my right arm. It keeped going like that for a view weeks when suddenly the right side on my face went numb to and my husband took me to the A+E all they said was its connected to my migraine. I started at the same time to get dizzy just for short periods. At the beginning of January I had a week of cluster headaches, no medication seems to help I’ve been put on Propronalol Triptans and Co-codamol. After the Cluster headaches stopped I started feeling dizzy 24/7 since then there is no day passing by without me feeling dizzy my head spinning some days so bad that I am feeling seriously sick can hardly walk, cant read or watch TV do literally anything.

On other days i am spinning but at least i am able to walk or do a tiny bit of house work. Even with suffering on migraine all my life i used to be a very active person working 6 days go jogging, hill climbing, hiking and swimming. Used to love working in my garden, do some decorating andloved reading books up to 5 a week. Since January i am signed off sick, have not been able to do any work in my garden or any of my outdoor activities. Hardly able to read a book and the only reason i am able to tell my story today is i am having a bit a better day but will have to pay the next 3 days for spending that much time writing on the pc. The only time i am fairly dizzyfree is when i have a headache attack once or twice a month what usually lasts 3-12 days. All medication tried so far is making me fat (15 kg with no chocolate, cheese, processed meat and all the other food triggers since february) swollen limbs nightmares and depression. So nothing works so far i am do to a nother trial with a new medication, my expectations are low, my trust in the doctors are low to. We will see but i know one thing living the rest of my life like this is no option not for me.

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  • summermaiden
    5 years ago

    I am so sorry to hear of your horrendous predicament I can truly sympathise because for 18 years I have been a frequent sufferer of severe chronic migraines frequently spending as many as 15 days a month in agony in a darkened room with vomiting. For the whole period I have been searching for a solution and have visited hundreds of Migraine specialists neurologists,neurological hospitals homeopathist acupuncturists etc etc . Without success.

    During the whole of this period I was trying out different medications and preventatives that didn’t work , triptans didn’t work ,painkillers gave me overuse rebound headaches between attacks ,Botox made me worse not better. In fact medication with its side effects occasionally gave temporary relief initially if at all, but made me even iller after a while.

    Two years ago after when yet another medication gave me frightening uncontrollable tremors I became scared to continue taking any more prescribed medications. The overall side effects from medications which I was subjected too over the years had been really horrendous,

    I would like to suggest that due to the extensive medications that you too have taken over the years your whole system is toxic and this in itself is making you ill and increasing the Migraine problem.

    I have been helped enormously by ‘the liver detox plan ‘ this is an old book written by Xandria Williams which you can still purchase on Amazon . If you follow it strictly and stick to it you get enormous relief within a few days , and I’m not exaggerating. It is fantastic for tackling overuse of painkillers and general medication, no ill effects on the contrary fast relief. It appears hard to follow but my goodness when you have reached the end of your tether and do not know which way to turn it is a blessing.

    This is not a migraine cure but it is certainly a method of making yourself feel far healthier.

    Since I threw out prescribed medication the only drug that I use at the onset of an attack is the over the counter Solphedeine extra effervescent pills.remarkably I have found that they frequently abort an attack altogether or reduce the severity from ten down to about four or five. I also use a homeopathic remedy ‘argen nit 1 million’ at the onset of an attack and any anxiety, and every morning I take 2 homeopathic remedies for prevention of migraines, carcinosin 30c pills 014g ,and chelidonium 3c
    The migraines have not gone away by any means but the dreadful nausea has
    and with the help of the above recommendations I am overjoyed to mostly have far less severity so that I can actually tolerate light and even sit up in bed with a book when I am ill these days, which is a huge improvement over being pinned to the bed in a dark room with a sick bucket and acute head and neck trauma for 48-72 hours at a time.
    I wish you good luck for the future and hope you get some relief from my recommendations.

  • Tamara
    5 years ago

    hi this is tamkit.. I just posted my story which is probably not as clearly written as yours but as good as I can do at this time.. I cannot help except to tell you .. you are not alone.. I am exactly where you are.. for that .. I am so sorry and sad for you ..but I feel less alone in all this. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! If I find anything that helps I will immediately let you know and please do the same. I am 55 and was a professional,great mom ,wife and very activeand crafty. Now it takes everything for me to think semiclearly for a short time. I Have other severe health issues too. I am so disappointed in the doctors in this year of 2014. I am seeing a D.O. on dec 1 ..I will let you know if that is helpful.. I will be looking into pure oxogen for migraines. please keep in touch. Tamkit

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    Since your symptoms have changed and the Migraines worsened, have you had a CAT scan or MRI? Most likely nothing will show, but it may be wise to do so just to rule out any other issues.

    When I research on the cause, symptoms and treatments for vertigo, there is a lot of information I want to share. This link will bring you to several articles on the topic:

    Having vertigo, along with other symptoms could help your doctor to diagnose and treat your Migraines. However, it seems that you are not very happy with the care you are currently receiving. What type of doctor are you going to? With these types of symptoms, find a Headache Specialist if you can. There are over 300 Headache disorders and these specialists have advanced training. It’s not enough just to be a neurologist. Here’s info on what a Headache Specialist is and how to find one.

    I hope some of this info helped you. Best wishes!!
    -Katie Moderator

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