41 years of Migraines are gone!

My migraines started when I was 15. I'm now 56. My journey was like all of yours. Auras, vomiting, sight, sound, smell and light sensitivity. Affected everything I did daily and affecting those around me. I had been diagnosed for 40 years as a typical migraine sufferer and saw every know physician and tried every holistic remedy. But I was always researching; keeping abreast of the latest. Most recently I was looking at was the headband and Botox. I had decided I wasn't going to do Botox because I meet a lovely women who had about the same amount of migraines I did (3-4 a week and always battling one) and her Botox left some paralysis on the left side of her face. It is one of the risks.

I was getting old and so tired and afraid the Triptan drugs I took(Imitrex injectables and Rizitripan tablets) would eventually cause a heart attack. I'd looked for all the patterns, kept journals, acupuncture, I really couldn't find a pattern for me; not one that worked all the time. And I am diligent and I am detail oriented and otherwise healthy. My migraine meds was the only prescriptions I took.


As I walked through my living room one day I heard someone say 'migraine surgery' on TV. Then for the first time I saw Dr. Kevin Smith operating on a teenager who had been home schooled all her life. After the surgery she was migraine free! What..hmmm? Dr. Smith is a plastic surgeon and an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat) who specializes in migraines in Houston, Texas. He looks for pain that originates in the head that other doctors overlook. I have had many MRI's and I had other ENT's along the way that looked at my sinuses and did CT Scans. I don't remember any injuries except a fall in PE and when dressing my little brother he jumped up and hit my nose really hard.

Dr. Smith has a different approach to CT Scans ;a unique perspective allowing him to diagnose problems that cause referral pain that becomes 'migraines'. I'm proactive I thought, I'll go by his office. Still very skeptical, not thinking it would not work for me, what he said though resonated still with some doubt, but it was a day surgery and my insurance covered it. The surgery, a very specialized septoplasty, unlike what other Ear, Nose and Throat specialists do to resolve a deviated septum targeted migraine pain. He was actually invited on to Doctors TV to tell my story. This is short and you can see the surgery here.

Here is the link:

I am migraine free. Really, I am migraine free. This small town Texas girl (old women) is migraine free! It is a miracle; a gift from God. Don't worry about traveling to Houston, Texas. Dr. Smith does offers to view CT Scan that you send to him so you can rule this out as a reason for your migraines. If this is the reason for your migraines, he has an 88% cure rate. I almost did not go to his office; almost skipped seeing him. So I keep asking myself why didn't I know about this sooner?

I have some really good years now ahead of me and I want for all my fellow migrainers to have what I have - 100% relief. Good luck on your journey wherever it takes you!

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