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41 years of Migraines are gone!

My migraines started when I was 15. I’m now 56. My journey was like all of yours. Auras, vomiting, sight, sound, smell and light sensitivity. Affected everything I did daily and affecting those around me. I had been diagnosed for 40 years as a typical migraine sufferer and saw every know physician and tried every holistic remedy. But I was always researching; keeping abreast of the latest. Most recently I was looking at was the headband and Botox. I had decided I wasn’t going to do Botox because I meet a lovely women who had about the same amount of migraines I did (3-4 a week and always battling one) and her Botox left some paralysis on the left side of her face. It is one of the risks.

I was getting old and so tired and afraid the Triptan drugs I took(Imitrex injectables and Rizitripan tablets) would eventually cause a heart attack. I’d looked for all the patterns, kept journals, acupuncture, I really couldn’t find a pattern for me; not one that worked all the time. And I am diligent and I am detail oriented and otherwise healthy. My migraine meds was the only prescriptions I took.


As I walked through my living room one day I heard someone say ‘migraine surgery‘ on TV. Then for the first time I saw Dr. Kevin Smith operating on a teenager who had been home schooled all her life. After the surgery she was migraine free! What..hmmm? Dr. Smith is a plastic surgeon and an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat) who specializes in migraines in Houston, Texas. He looks for pain that originates in the head that other doctors overlook. I have had many MRI’s and I had other ENT’s along the way that looked at my sinuses and did CT Scans. I don’t remember any injuries except a fall in PE and when dressing my little brother he jumped up and hit my nose really hard.

Dr. Smith has a different approach to CT Scans ;a unique perspective allowing him to diagnose problems that cause referral pain that becomes ‘migraines’. I’m proactive I thought, I’ll go by his office. Still very skeptical, not thinking it would not work for me, what he said though resonated still with some doubt, but it was a day surgery and my insurance covered it. The surgery, a very specialized septoplasty, unlike what other Ear, Nose and Throat specialists do to resolve a deviated septum targeted migraine pain. He was actually invited on to Doctors TV to tell my story. This is short and you can see the surgery here.

Here is the link:

I am migraine free. Really, I am migraine free. This small town Texas girl (old women) is migraine free! It is a miracle; a gift from God. Don’t worry about traveling to Houston, Texas. Dr. Smith does offers to view CT Scan that you send to him so you can rule this out as a reason for your migraines. If this is the reason for your migraines, he has an 88% cure rate. I almost did not go to his office; almost skipped seeing him. So I keep asking myself why didn’t I know about this sooner?

I have some really good years now ahead of me and I want for all my fellow migrainers to have what I have – 100% relief. Good luck on your journey wherever it takes you!

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  • lori1931
    4 months ago

    Thank for sharing! Do you have any suggestions on how to find an ent in my area? My migraines are in my nose area. I never thought I would find someone else like me.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.


  • Kim Hamilton author
    4 months ago

    Well, I would call Dr. Smiths office and get the details on what type is scan he needs to tell you if you are a candidate or not. I paid about $200 and had them put it on a CD and mailed it to him.

    He then calls you and tells you the results. At that point, if you can’t make it to his office, perhaps he can tell you who is available in your area that does the procedure. He last told me there is only 6 doctors in the US that does similiar procedures.

    Kevin Smith M.D in Houston. He is an E N T and a plastic surgeon. Also he specializes in migraines. It’s his passion. 713/795-0600.

    So worth it!

  • Kim Hamilton author
    3 years ago

    I’m sorry the link in my email needs to be corrected:

    The other link was from Facebook.

  • Mark Brown I love my wife
    3 years ago

    I am not a migraine suffer. My beautiful and selfless wife is a daily migraine suffer since 11/12/09. She gave birth to our second son that night and has not lived a day migraines free with nausea, ringing in ears, sensitive to light sound and Snell. We were married just 6,months when she gave birth bro our second son and it triggered a full blown migraine that hasn’t gone away yet. After many treatment, nothing worked and she just went medication free for last few years. I want so badly to be the best support system for my wife. I tried to fix her in the begging only to realize I can’t. I can though, make her more comfortable, do the house work, take care of kids so she can lay in dark after working all day. I found her a new specialist she sees this week who has a new treatment plan. I along with others I’m sure, will never fully understood what daily migraine suffers go threw. I wish there was a hand book for spouses to learn to support the right way n not try to fix and find ways to cure your loved spouce, child, loved one. I can get as close to understanding as a non migrainure can but wish I truly mean this, I wish I could trade places with my wife if only for a few days. I want her to succeed, to be happy, to live life with quality, to reach her dreams, to be proud of her self, to see she is more than migraines. That she is the Rock of our marriage. She works 5 to 6 days a week and pushes threw it because she learned such a strong work ethic from her dad and to support our family, and to feel like she is productive and she is all that and more. I want my wife to see how she changed my life for better, how great of mom she is, how important she is to so many ppl and to feel she can talk about her migraines, to keep treatment going as she makes me get back treatment, supporting me threw 2 shoulder surgeries, to do medically for herself as she does for me our kids her parents. I love my wife and will never stop support her, I will never leave her as I love her with or without migraines and I want her to believe me when I say that she doesn’t hold me back that nobody will make me as happy as her. Is it really this hard to believe that your spouse means this? And, why is it so hard to get her to believe what I say. I have been with her 10 yrs and married 7 this May. So 6 years we have dealt with migraines on daily basis. I didn’t always support her right, I didn’t know how as you have just gotten married, New a baby was coming but got daily migraines the night of child birth. There is no handbook, but with open communication and unconditionally love, I know we can always learn more, to grow even closer, to be more understanding, to grew a stronger bond. I’ve really made major changes to truly support her over last 6 months. I finally gave up I couldn’t fix her but can improve the quality of of her life and openly express how much she means and to tell her every day thank you for being my wife, thank you for taking care of herself, thank you for being the greatest mom and to point out the unbelievable things she does with migraines. She inspires me, I am always working on self improvement to be better father, and husband as she inspires me to. 6 years she has had migraines and 6 years we have dealt with each day. I wish she would not fear or think she still has to hide her pain. I can tell. How do I really get my wife to lean on me more to we our going thew this together. Can anyone give me advice to get my wife to believe in me to always support her and to not hide or to not tell me her feelings. One thing I learned in marriage, you need to communicate which I do. I just want her to know I am with her, and support her and she is amazing and I don’t thing she thinks she is as great as I tell her. I don’t know why she still trys to his her pain. Again in marriage we need to communicate, and with migraines daily, isn’t communication that more important? Any advice, I just want to make her life better and to know she isn’t alone and after 6 years I still think she doesn’t want to burden me with her needs. Any advise?

  • Kim Hamilton author
    3 years ago

    You are making her life better. She doesn’t want to tell you about the migraines because she wants a normal life with you; she doesn’t want migraines to be a part of that. Like I did, she reserves as much energy as she can daily to fight the headaches. I quit telling my family long ago I had migraines because it was depressing to them. What is elating, after Dr. Smith did my surgery, It was such a burden lifted from me as I had a physical reason for all the headaches all those years. It makes sense that medication did not affect her headaches if they have a physical cause. It is not to far reaching to imagine that perhaps during her pregnancy and child birth the extra pushing and hormonal swelling during that time caused her to engage a bone spur in her sinuses. Also why it became worse during her second birth. Has she ever had an injury to her face? Hit with a ball, a fall? I could not remember an injury either, except a bump from a PE fall or my brother jumping up and hitting my nose when I was dressing him. But Dr. Smith tells me that most of his patients have had some type of facial injury. A lot of other doctors with his credentials missed my migraines and my deviated septum. Because of his 20 years of experience, he sees with other Doctors miss. Don’t trust the CT exam to just anyone.

  • jns192 moderator
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with our community. Your wife sounds like a strong and resilient woman and she is very lucky to have a husband as caring and sensitive as you. You both are not alone in this battle. The entire community is here to listen and support you.

    Your yearning to fully understand what your wife is going through, even though you don’t suffer from migraine yourself, is quite admirable.

    I thought you might enjoy reading some of these articles geared toward spouses of migraineurs:
    Also be sure to check out the comments underneath the articles which have some great feedback from the community regarding this topic.

    We wish you and your wife luck with the new specialist. Please feel free to update us on how it goes.

    In the meantime, I thought you and your wife might benefit from reading some of our articles on managing migraine pain:

    Please let us know if there are any other questions or concerns you or your wife have.
    We are happy to help.

    Jillian ( Team)

  • Kim Hamilton author
    3 years ago

    What a wonderful husband you are. I want you to try what cured my migraines after 41 years. See this link on The Doctors TV as it is my story:

    See Dr. Smith’s web site: You need only ask your wife to get a CT Scan of the sinus (call his office to get the specifics) and mail it to him. He will be able to look at it and tell if he can help her. You need to rule out the physical cause for the pain. If it is referral pain, Dr. Smith has an 88% cure rate. It is amazing; it is like being reborn.

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