6 years of my brain using my body as a punching bag

When I first started with my Migraines it would last anything from a week to 2 weeks. i was about 16 when i had my first attack. I was sitting in class and my teacher nearly had a heart attract when he looked up to see me half pasted out looking like I had a stoke. It felt like my face was dragging on the floor. Any way long story short i got sent home. My mom picked me up and took me to the Dr. He in turn told me "everything is fine just take Gen-pain, Adco-dal basically any of the Co dine based meds... I now know that that was the worse thing i could have done, but any way.

I went about a year going through more boxes of Gen-pain than i would like to admit, until one day I was talking to a different Dr. about this and he suggested taking half an asprin everyday. But all the time my mom and my Dr. where telling me " its not that bad you are still doing things"... My mom had cancer at this point so if i didn't do things no-one would have done anything.

By now I'm 18 and i have final exams coming up and driving my own car and i would like to go out with my friends. Up until i spoke to this Dr my life consisted of going home and been in a dark room until i have energy to do my home work (most days that energy didn't arrive until 2am).To be honest i didn't really want to be that person taking meds everyday to keep something away but i needed to do some thing so i gave it a shot. OMW did it work for about 2 years then i had to really bad attacks both putting me in the emergency room.

I was at work one day and with in the time it takes to answer a phone I was nearly on the floor. A friend of mine was standing next to me and staring at me like i was turning into some demon thing. My left side with completely numb and my skin was so itchy but the pain in my head... i thought that my head had tiny little explosions going of all at one time and separably (does that make sense) I was trying to pull my hair out. thank heavens i have a lot of self control otherwise i might have scratched my left side raw. when my father and step mom arrived to pick me and my car up they took me straight to the hospital. that Dr took one look at me and phone the neurologist who was unable to come down and see me but told them to give me an anti inflammatory. I went to him about week later and he did a CAT scan just to prove to me that its not a "physical brain problem" its the tiny little things in my brain that have a problem with me.

He asked me to stop taking the asprin everyday as he doesn't like his patients on chronic meds unless they really need it. He has given me loads of ways to figure out when a migraine is coming on. and he has given me a 3 step system to get rid of a migraine fast. which just leaves me with the Hangover...

I've been trying to figure out what my triggers are but unfortunately for me i have yet to simplify y trigger i thing the list of none triggers would by easier to follow than my list of triggers.

sorry for the really long story but unfortunately no-one in my life really seems to 'believe' me when i say i feel like my brain is trying to crack my scull...

I would also like to say thank you.

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