9 is Not Fine

What's the deal with nine pills per month for triptans?

I have chronic migraine with a minimum of 15 headache days a month. I've tried all the preventative medications (blood pressure medication, Topamax, anti depressants, anti seizure medications) am on a very restrictive diet (no dairy, soy, gluten, sugar/artificial sweeteners, corn, nuts or eggs), get regular sleep, exercise (when I'm able - I used to love to exercise), yoga therapy, tried sleeping only on my back and even soak in epsom salts and nothing has worked. I'm waiting for my botox approval, and sincerely hope that works.

I am flummoxed at why I can only get nine pills a month to help with the pain? What are people with chronic migraine supposed to do when nine doesn't cut it? Over the counter pain relievers are like putting a band aid on a severed limb for me - useless.

Who's the genius that decided that nine was the magic number?

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