A Letter to My Brain

Dear Brain,

We’ve had a pretty decent run this week. With the exception of a couple of migraines, we worked very well as a team to get ready for this trip to Kansas City to visit family, attend a beautiful wedding and take a mini-vacation from our lives here. I know you’re excited about it, so am I!

You reminded me of so many things this week that I would have forgotten – like updating our emergency medical information, getting our prescriptions filled – you even reminded me to pack a few things for the visit with the best friend, reminded me to pack the chargers for the tablet and phone – go team! Oh and the extra lighters? Stroke of pure genius – the kids do like to take off with mine and not give them back sometimes.

Granted yes, the two migraines that happened just didn’t help matters, I know one was because of my period and it being late (whose fault was that one – do I need to get my ovaries involved in this discussion?). We took extended breaks, didn’t over think anything, I tried not to worry too much about other things. Last night’s migraine was the pits though, what the hell happened there? I know I woke up tired but we were winding everything down, all I wanted to do was do the dishes, make some bread, finish cleaning the house but damn the luck, something happened and you put me down for the rest of the day and all night. I kept us hydrated and fed – any clue from you would be fantastic – I’m doing my best here, I think you know that.

The only thing that kept bugging me was that empty spot in my suitcase – it was there haunting me all this week as I packed up my clothes, couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was supposed to go there and that’s when I would get irritated at you. So many times I asked you ‘what the hell is supposed to go there?’ only to get the silent treatment from you – putting me in The Dead Zone just wasn’t the best thing in the world for me but I accepted it, figuring that I would remember eventually what was supposed to go there so I kept at what I had planned – get the house clean and make sure everything that was supposed to go did go.

So I only have one question before I finish this letter, because now I’m behind where I’m supposed to be and I’m sure given that it’s a little after 10am, the sisters are probably either on their way or getting ready to leave the city. But before I ask the question, don’t get mad at me because I tried to figure it out and again, not getting anything from you just didn’t help matters….

Why on Earth, at the 11th hour – when I’m just hours away from leaving – did you FINALLY remind me that the one thing I forgot to pack was one of the most important things to remember? I had my fingers on the zipper and was closing the suitcase – after that it would have been placed in the dining room and forgotten about, I wouldn’t have noticed a damn thing wrong until I got up there and then the embarrassment would have washed over me like a tsunami.

How could we forget to pack my panties????

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.


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