A life with migraines Aged 30 (Male)

Been really interesting reading everyones experiences.
Thought i'd finally seek out more information because my migraine attacks have slowly become worse over the years.

Ive always got tunnel vision and sparkly lights followed by intensely painful headaches and then a long period of "hangover" feeling

It then progress onto numbmess about 10 years ago.
I can now suffer Numb hands, teeth, lips tongue (and once throat!) Resulting in a complete inability to speak which became a little embarrassing.

No one at my work really understands they seem to think i should have a couple of paracetemol and get on with it!

Today i had a new syptom i have never experianced before. After the usual numbness and visual impairment followed by headaches, My "hangover" period has become what feels like a mental disability period!

I spent the whole morning confused i could work out how to work the toaster!!
I got to work and struggled to type emails speak and talk in detail about anything!

It has slowly got better through the day but i have never had such a long period after a migraine and never which such debilitating effects :(

One thing of not is i have recently gone through a break up in my relationship and i wonder if this could be adding to the effects.

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