A long history of Migraines

I began having diagnosed Migraines at the age of eighteen. The thing is though I remember having really bad headaches as a child. Many time it was said I was simply seeking attention, however I remember lying in my bed crying myself to sleep as young as eight or younger. I am now fifty-two and yes believe it or not we still don't have a handle on them. My doctors (primary care, neurologist and psychiatrist) all have different opinions on the cause as well as the treatment. They and they are very quick to pass the buck if you know what i mean. I as another writer stated feel as though I have been though all the medications in the world. The ones I am currently using to prevent are Topamax 100m.g. b.i.d., Verapamil 240m.g. just at bedtime. the medications i use once i get one is basically firocet with (60m.g.) of codeine which once I take it I cannot drive due to the narcotic.I get between fifteen to eighteen Migraines a month. I do not always treat with the firocet because of bounce-back headaches.

Lately I have been experiencing a severe aura to my vision. It starts with like a blurry vision which then turns into double vision which then turns into basically loss of vision in my right eye usually. What i can do to see is keep that eye closed and only use my left eye(only done in the most extreme situations.

I apologize for such a long entry but I have a very complicated Migraine history. I spent between five to seven days in the hospital in cluster Migraines they could not break.

If anyone has any ideas i would appreciate them. Thank-you in advance. Good luck to all you Migraine sufferers my wish is you find help.

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