A long journey but it's getting better

OK I have had migraines all of my life and they are still waiting in the background for me to make a mistake. For me the big triggers are, in order from the worst: black pepper, butter, strawberries, alcohol, melon, sugar which always sets you up for your next attack, whipped cream, turkey, red meat, flowers. There's more but those are at the top of the list. Water is a big problem. There is only one kind of drink now and that is Walmart spring water in the large jugs, which is excellent. All other water sources or drinks will lead to a migraine. I long ago abandoned drinking distilled water but that was the best I could do at the time. Now Walmart water is all I drink ever.
For breakfast I eat 2 large bowls of cooked organic oat meal and with nothing on it. Use a wooden spoon in the oat meal and it will taste better. That is an incredible way to set you up for a positive day. For lunch I eat raw romaine lettuce with nothing on it. Supper is either plain haddock or chicken breast or ground chicken. For desert, you guessed it, 2 bowls of organic oat meal cooked and like I said, nothing on it. But there has been a huge break through in the last couple of years that has tipped the odds in my favour and makes it very that a migraine will pop in, unless I make a mistake such as one of those I listed at the top and that is one pouch of
Immunocal powder each morning an hour before I eat my oatmeal. I am not selling this but I am saying that this has definitely changed the odds of a migraine occuring as long as I stay straight with all of my foods and avoid any volatile vapors in the air. Just get half a dozen of envelopes from someone and see if it changes the odds for you. Yes even this Immunocal can not help you if you do not totally avoid all of your triggers, but for me, this stuff changed my life completely. The difference is that before, even if I avoided all of the triggers listed earlier, I still spent 1/3 to 1/2 of my time dealing with migraines that I couldn't figure out what wrong move I had made. That doesn't happen anymore. I get no migraines unless I make a severe mistake in a restaurant that slipped by. I hope all of you find gains in some way or another. There is always hope, so never give up, ever. I only wrote this story after hearing about that family in British Columbia that went down bad. Frank

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