A Long Road

Greetings fellow humans that have been told that your sickness is all in your head. If that joke failed please let me know, I am a 51-year old with Chronic and Vestibular migraine, they have ruined a promising 20 year Naval Career, completely taken me out of the workplace and they keep me from doing things that I love. No doubt many of you have been in this same boat. I have done my research and have been told by my neurologist I know more about migraines than he does at this point. Im sure it was in jest. The problem i have is no one to share notes and to help and be helped by the Migraine Community at large. So After that terribly long intro, ill give you my Migraine “stats” and share away we will go.

My migraine life

Chronic onset was 32 years ago, sensitivity to light sound, no real visual aura, hearing aura increases my hearing acuity about 5x. The worst ones which are about every three to 4 months include the Vomiting dry heave praying they stop. Suffer between 16-18 headache days a month,. I have tried darn near every medication and prophylaxis to treat or head them off. Recently I have noticed lots of Dizziness before the pounding starts. That's about as much of an intro I can do, sorry it was so long, and yes the comedy is a coping device. Thanks for reading looking forward to hearing from you all.

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